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Surrey Ladies have signed up to the Women in Golf Charter - an initiative launched by the R&A to encourage more and better participation by women in golf. Clubs and counties that sign up to the charter are committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring environment for women to play the sport or to work in the golf industry.


In particular, Surrey Ladies (SLCGA) have set the following short-term goals:


1. Currently, the SLCGA Executive Committee is exclusively made up of women but if, as hoped, there is a merger with Surrey County Golf (SCG), we aim to maintain 30% female representation on the new combined Board of Directors by promoting positions linked to role descriptors that are not gender specific;
2. Ensure excellent governance within the SLCGA at all levels;
3. Ensure that as a  SafeGolf accredited county the policies and procedures remain up to date;
4. Encourage all golf clubs in Surrey to sign the Women in Golf Charter;
5. Deliver at least four initiatives annually targeting women/girls and families that are aligned with key England Golf campaigns;
6. Monitor participation by women and girls in golf across the County;
7. Appoint a committee member to raise our presence on social media;
8. Appoint a designated Charter Champion within the County who can assist with the promotion and reporting of the Charter.


The full charter can be viewed here







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